Luximore is a trusted employer branding

consulting firm who has global experiences

and localize approach. We works with companies to help them excel in employer branding journey and become the employer of choice.

Our founder believes that employer branding is

a “match-making” strategy where

the best-right employers meet

the best-right (potential) employees,

which leads to corporate growth and profitability.


We are a Full Service of Employer Branding Consulting Firm who help you solve all the challenges and complexity you face in Attracting, Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining your Best-Right Talent. Our research based approach and proven methodologies "Employer Brand Diamond Model" delivers tailored solutions that allow you to Attract, Hire, Engage, and Retain the Best-Right Talent.

Our Employer Brand Experts come with global experiences and local approach to help you solve your talent acquisition needs and employer brand issues in order to strengthen your employer brand and becoming Employer of Choice. Our Employer Brand Experts come from a unique combination background of HR, Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations which give you the advantage to excel your employer branding strategy in the most effective way.

We help you to leverage the power of employer brand by delivering a dedicated personalised service to each of our clients. We focus on building authentic and engaged employer brand that will help you to Attract, Hire, Engage, and Retain the Best-Right Talent.


Facing the war for talent and winning the employer battleground is a big issue among top level conversation. With no doubts, more choices open to top talent than ever before. Employer Brand needs to be strong and sound to win the top talent, to attract, hire, engaged, and retain the Best-Right talent. We believe organisations need to be "more" to win the war for talent, the employer battleground.

Knowledge Based Decision

We do a knowledge based decision

in everything we do.

Our global experiences and capabilities inspire our client to take the right steps

in employer branding journey

Authentic and Attractive Employer Brand

This is why we do valid research and investigation based on our

“Employer Brand Diamond Model” and “Employer Value Proposition Diagram”. We help organizations define and articulate the authentic qualities that make them unique. We develop innovative and attractive strategies that target the Best-Right talent. We prioritize high authenticity in helping our client

to become the Employer of Choice in the most attractive way.

Insight Driven Strategy

This is why everything we do is based on robust data and insightful research. We discover why your organization is great place to work and develop ways to market and communicate this effectively

to current and future talent. We ensure our client always receive credible advice and distinctive solutions to win employer battleground.


We are the 1# Employer Branding Expert in Indonesia

We are experts in employer branding industries. We've come from global experiences

and we bring the industry's best practises to our participants.

Authentic Proven Framework

We unveil our methodologies "Employer Brand Diamond Model” and compile them into a tangible toolkit that our participants use to guide them throughout their employer branding journey.

Data-Led and Insight Driven Solutions

We are a data-led, insight driven, and results-focused Employer Brand consulting firm.

We prioritise high authenticity, humanisation, creative agility, and target relevance in each of our solutions to help our client achieve their employer brand needs and goals.

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